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Feeling lost, did not know where to start and how to start learning correctly for your English?

We understand it is very confusing and frustrating to keep staying in the same spot after a year. 2021 is ending soon, if you do not want 2022 to be the same, you need to do things differently now so that you can change your future. 

We have helped more than 30,000 students or working adults helping them to save more money and time since 2003.

Start today, let us guide you on how you can achieve what you planned.  Let us help you today. It’s free!

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More about us

Established in June 2003, The Language Mind also known as Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya Klang (PBTJ Klang) is an educational provider specializing in educating both international and local students. As an international company, PBTJ Klang aims to acquire breadth and depth of skills and knowledge to create an integrated education group with a comprehensive suite of capabilities and services that will be able to compete globally and at the same time meet the demanding needs of the clients.

We place equal importance in providing adult, teenager student and kids on their learning ability and application for their daily life which are influenced by the specific needs and key requirements of a location and region.

Offering programmes and courses to customers with over 19 years of experience. PBTJ Klang has the best selection in terms of Language courses, online courses and extra-curricular activities.  Our main advantages are we customise to your needs with a proven plan that leads u to success, flexible payment plans, and free sessions with zero additional charges for revision lessons. (Terms & Conditions Apply) With more than 30 different plans we are sure there will be the right plan for you!

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We are also registered with the Ministry of Education.

Our Awards

International Honesty Entrepreneurs – Keris Awards

Asia Pacific Excellence Brand

Power Brand Awards

7 Months Guarantee, Risk – Free

Feeling lost searching for a language centre to help you to improve your English? We can help to guarantee your result. If you fail to achieve it, we will give you extra 7 months to learn for free as promised. (Terms & Conditions apply) Apply now our consultant will contact you soon.

Listen to what our students share about us

Lee Elly
Lee Elly
I just joined a one-month study course and found that the teachers’ teaching methods are very good and very patient. This makes me very interested in learning my English, and I hope to improve my English better in the future.
tiew mimi
tiew mimi
I have been learning here for almost 3 years. From level 2 to level 4, they have a clear learning plan for all kind of students, teachers are kind and patience 👍👍👍
Dyraco Zoanne
Dyraco Zoanne
The Japanese language tutor I encountered was really caring and charismatic :) i recommend whoever intends to learn Japanese shall consider studying in this Titian Jaya centre. :D Special thanks to the Director Mr.Steven Heng who had issued a confirmation letter of studying in Pusat Titian Jaya.
Balan 747 Balan 747
Balan 747 Balan 747
Chua fee lee
Chua fee lee
The teaching materials are interesting, useful and easily understandable. The teacher is very engaging, experienced and friendly. It's also convenient to have lessons online. Definitely recommended.
Poon Mei Ling潘美伶
Poon Mei Ling潘美伶
In this MCO period, I wanna💯appreciate Mr. Steven informed me about the online class and schedule🙏🏻 Then, I wanna💯appreciate Mr. Chong teaching in this MCO period although I m never teach by him before coz I from another branch🙏🏻Here, I was grateful and glad that I could learn a lot english and his class really fun. BEST👍🏻 Thanks and Loving PBTJ.
xiao ling he
xiao ling he
teachers all work very hard.they spend most of their time preparing their lessons and helping students.during the isolation,let us learn online.teacher,you are hard ,and i wish you a happy holiday.
KuroNe Kou
KuroNe Kou
Easy learning step by step and understand.
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