Adult English Course

Our adult English course is specially designed for young and middle-aged working adults. Living in this fast-paced society, all of us want to achieve a better result in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the shortest time. Please contact us so that we can find a course that suits you. Thus, saving your money and time through this adult English course.


English Beginner Level

For this level, it will help the student to understand better what needs to build for a stronger foundation and learning in reading, speaking, listening & writing. This level will help to understand how to create basic sentences for daily usage.


English Elementary Level

For this level, the student has a better ability to understand & create basic sentences for daily usage. Begin to understand how to use in reading, speaking, listening & writing including Grammar and vocabulary in daily life.


English Pre - Intermediate Level

For this level, the student is able to do basic communication and construct basic sentences to describe some of the points. Knowing how to use in reading listening, writing, and speaking (including Grammar & vocabulary) in daily life.


English Intermediate Level

For this Level, the student begins to communicate better and construct better sentences helping them to describe the main point. Understand how to read, listen, write, and speak (including Grammar & vocabulary) in daily life. Able to score IELTS level 4, English TOEFL scores 57-86.


English Upper-Intermediate Level

English Upper-intermediate Level able to communicate well with complex sentences, can involve or participate in any form of speech. Able to score IELTS levels 5-6, TOEFL 87-109.


English Advance Level

English Advance Level Independently communicate well with no difficulty in express oneself even to a native speaker, can involve or participate in any form of speech. Achieve professional level for business or any formal meeting. Able to score IELTS level 7-8, TOEFL 110-120


English Conversation Class


IELTS - Preparation Class

This class is suitable for students who are planning to study, work or move to western countries. 


English Public speaking


IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet


Minimum age requirment

12 to 60 years old, This Adult english language courses are mostly working adult n students.


Language needed

Teacher will be using English to teach.


Small group learning

Around 5 to 10 student for some of the  class.


No Basic knowledge needed

You can start learning here even if you have zero knowledge of English langauge.


No limit number of class per week

We do not limit for the number of lessons for most of our English adult language classes. As we believe it will help parents & students to save COST and maximise their opportunity in learning.


Flexible payment

We have many different payment mode depend on your needs and courses. Starting from Rm 2xx / month


ISO Management system

Following the ISO system, would allow us clearly to understand the need of every student which will help student to develop a precise goals to help them to achieve it at the shortest time period.


The promise of improvement

We are committed to help students who are committed with us. Even if they fail in their exam with us, we will continue to support them for few month of Free English adult course fee as our promise to you.


Most preferred Choice Online English Course

After the pandemic, our most preferred choice adult online English course, as it might be a trend in the future if you understand its benefits.

Free Assessment Test with Personal Coaching Today! (Worth Rm 250)

Let us understand your needs completely today so that you can start on the right path towards your GOALS.

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