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Established in June 2003, The Language Mind also known as Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya Klang (PBTJ Klang) is an educational institution specialized in educating local students and adults. Linguistic Minds is designed to acquire the breadth and depth of skills and knowledge to create a comprehensive educational group with a comprehensive suite of competencies and services capable of competing globally while meeting the demanding needs of clients.

We place equal emphasis on providing adults, adolescents and children with learning abilities and daily life applications that are influenced by the specific needs and key requirements of the location and region.

Programs and courses for clients with over 20 years of experience. Language Minds has the best options for language courses, online courses and extracurricular activities. Our main strengths are flexible payment plans. (Terms and Conditions apply) Over 30 different courses will help our clients save 30%-50% in time and most importantly achieve their goals.

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