Frequently Asked Questions

What course is available in The Language Mind?

We have English and Japanese courses suitable for working adults and kids from age 8 to 60 year old.

Each class duration?

It ranges from 1 hour to 4 hours 30 min as we have more than 30 different English courses here.

Is the course fee refundable?

All payment is non-refundable and non-transferable

Is there any replacement class if I missed it.

No, replacement classes will be given if the student due to any personal reason. However, we will replace the class on another day if the teacher is not able to teach on that day.

Is there a minimum expectation for class attendance?

Yes, all students are required to achieve 80% attendance for the class. If not, we will consider the student as a dropout and the student has to pay the course fee again to retake the course again.

Do you have off-line Japanese n Mandarin Classes?

No, all Japanese n Mandarin will be online classes.

Is there any exam for all the courses?

For English classes, only students who took the main course will have the exam. For Japanese Class’s student is optional to take the exam with JLPT. For Mandarin class, there will be no exam given.

Do you have online n offline classes?

Yes, now we have both online n offline classes. But we have to understand your level of English as we have more than 30 different English courses. 

Is the exam fee included in the courses?

No, all the exam fee is not included with the courses.

Is there any recorded video for the Online classes?

Yes, Only for online classes. Valid for the period of their course so that students to replay and revise them at any time within that period.

How much is our consultation fee charges?

All consultation is free of charge.

Is there any trial class?

No, as every student need a PBTJ online account in order to enter any class and learning a language will need time and focus to master it.

Who are our teachers?

All our teachers are TESOL train who are well qualified to the language they teach.

Do you have small group and 1 to 1 class?

Yes, we do have both small groups and 1 to 1 but the price will be different. for more detail please check with our consultant. Thanks

How do I know that your centre is a language school?

Good question, Today there are a lot of online schools acting as a language centre. All language schools must be Sdn. Bhd and register with MOE. You may check us at the About us page.

How do we assess the student for their level?

They will need to sit for an assessment test and our consultant will assess them before entering any course.

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