Children Online English Course

Our Children Online English Course is catered for the current generation with the help of the latest technology. The lessons are also made more of student-centred activities through Oxford which help to nurture the right habit of learning. Thus, creating better interest in English and making the language fun to learn.

We also have children English course for classroom learning for some classes and children online English course for online learning as it will be a new face of education to show them that anyone can learn and improve themselves.

We always work well with a busy parent to make sure that their children’s progress is improving. However, we do not group students based on their age but by the level of their English instead. So that they will feel comfortable with the same group of level.


Project 1

Project 1 level, is suitable for children age around 8 to 10 years old that have started to go to explore more on the new habit of online learning. This level will help your children to be more active and confident as they progress in their learning.


Project 2

Project 2 level, is suitable for children age 9 to 12 years old who has some foundation of English and began to explore further into a presentation, Communication and furthermore.



For starter level, is suitable for children age 7 to 9 years old that have started to go to school but create a new habit of online learning can be fun and rewarding.



今天通过个人辅导进行免费评估测试! (价值250令吉)



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