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Improve your online learning? First, we have to understand what are the problems you might be having. Might be you are not confident in handling the IT stuff or can’t focus when you are on the internet. Some might have both too.

Online IT stuff

Regarding the online IT stuff first, how we can overcome this issue so that you may focus on online learning. Everyone starts off with nothing but we learnt through our mistake. Like buying a new handphone, there are functions that await you to discover before you can use it. Asking someone for help and guide you can be one of the solutions. Another you may search online on youtube or google. You may write down each step how you should achieve it. Every learning will have such a cycle.

Online Learning Mindset

Next, we should talk about how to improve your online learning for children. Learning is about creating new habits, especially for children. Parents will be playing an important role as an observer and guidance. Therefore, it is important for the parent to lead their children in the right direction. Here are some examples: if you shared in front of your children that learning online English is hard or difficult, they will agree with you. The same goes for adult too, their mind will use it as proof so that they can give excuses if they fail in learning.

Many people are very fearful to fail. How our brain reacts to fear and what will we do when we are fearful? We will hide, run or avoid it. But why?? As our brain wants to protect us from stress so when you are in fear, it will create stress naturally so in order for you to be less stressed, it brings you away from the stress area. So parents and online learning adult do aware of how you are creating the right learning habit in the beginning so that you may create a good result. It can be used to train oneself, start from a simple habit in learning as it will roll bigger in the later stage of life to become a successful person.

Online Temptation

Lastly, not only fear but the temptation of pleasure that we have built around the internet on Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Game etc mostly for entertainment. If you notice that successful people, do not use this as entertainment but to earn money from it. Now you can choose which group you wish to be in by creating the good habits will show which group you will be in the future. As there are many benefits of learning through the internet with a better opportunity too. Time is precious and more value than money so decide today and change your future.

During this pandemic or a new face of learning stage, we discovered that it will be a life-changing belief but it has to start today not tomorrow. Start to create the right habit of learning for children, parents or working adult. If you wish to start with an adult online English course please feel free to contact us. We hope that this “improve your online learning” topic will help you if it does please help us to share this with your friends. Thank you

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