Type of Nouns

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A noun is a term that refers to people, places, or objects. Along with other parts of speech, nouns are one of the most common types of words in English. As you go through the different types of nouns with examples, nouns can also be a subject, direct object or indirect object too. You will start to realise and understand better.

Different types of Nouns

There are 11 different types of nouns below, for those who need some mandarin translation you can do so (by clicking on the English tab below)  but you will still need to learn the key title in English as it will help you in the later stage of your learning.

Common Nouns

are words that refer to people, places, animals, and objects except for the specific name of people, places, animals or brand name of objects.

Example: Wine, house, boy, girls, dog, cat, cake, Table

Proper Nouns

are specific to names of people, places, animals or the brand names of objects. They always start with a Capital letter.

Countable Nouns

nouns can be counted

Uncountable Nouns

nouns that cannot be counted

Singular Nouns

refers to a person, place or object in one unit.

Plural Nouns

refers to more than one item in persons, places or objects. It normally ends with ’s’, “es”, “ies” or “ves’ In Plural nouns there are also regular and irregular nouns.

Possessive Nouns

to show ownership by putting ‘s or ‘ only,  something that is owned by another

Collective Nouns

are nouns that describe a group of things, people, objects or animals

Compound Nouns

is a word that is made up of two nouns

Abstract Nouns

are nouns that express concept, idea, thought, Character traits, or emotion, that is not physical and we can’t use the human 5 senses to touch, taste, hear, smell and see.

Concrete Nouns

are words that are physical and we can use our 5 senses to touch, taste, hear, smell and see. This can be both counted n uncounted nouns too. Can be Character traits, emotions, 


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