How to improve my English?

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How to improve my English? Today, I will talk about these 3-step guides to how to improve my English. I will use the example of a car driving to make it easier for you to understand. This blog will help you to understand the important key to how to start planning, learning and practising which many had failed to understand completely but just looking for quick results to speak, write or read.

Planning how to improve my English?

Planning how to improve my English? First, we need to test our English to see where we stand. Traveling from KL to Singapore requires advanced planning. Next, I must identify the areas of weakness, such as pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, as many people are only concerned with the result of the language, such as speaking, writing, listening, or reading. which will not help us get the result we want. I’ll explain further later. This part is similar to having a car inspection on the fuel, tires, engine oil, and other conditions so that we can drive smoothly later on the road. Finally, the budget for learning, if you have a lower budget, then you have to expect a longer time to achieve the end result. Of course, we will arrive at your destination faster if you plan your route with tolls. If you want to save money, look for a route that has no or few tolls, but this will take more time and fuel. Knowing our weaknesses will be the best guide for planning how to improve my English, so that we can focus on the right parts of learning and because no one plans to fail, but fails to plan. As I realize, many will just pick up a book and learn, but usually will stop halfway, maybe no one explains it to them. So plan it so that you can continue through and start too.

What is Grammar?

If I want to improve my English, I need to understand why grammar is essential. Grammar is a set of rules that govern how sentences should be constructed. Each language follows its own set of rules. As a result, using another language’s set of rules to help you understand English grammar will only confuse you further. For example, you should never learn English in Mandarin because you will never understand English grammar. This is a common mistake made by many students. If you notice that you can’t speak well, it’s possible that you have a problem with sentence construction, which is causing your speaking difficulty as you are unable to construct a proper sentence. Understanding how grammar works in the English language, rather than memorising the sentence, will solve the root problem. This is like travelling to Singapore with a spare tire on one of the wheels, which will not give you peace of mind in every situation.

What is vocabulary?

To put it simply, what is vocabulary? They are words that represent the meaning you want to convey to another person. In some situations, vocabulary can only form very short sentences, which is insufficient for explaining details. As a result, you will require the assistance of grammar to further elaborate on the points you wish to express. Example: Thank you or thank you for your assistance, as it has greatly improved my ability to present my work. So memorising words or vocabulary is never sufficient because you are not in the habit of using it, particularly if you learned it in Mandarin. Using English as you learn English is a good practice habit that we will discuss later. When you speak in English, you may notice that there are some parts of the words that you are unable to express well, so you use simpler words to replace them. So if your vocabulary is weak, this will also affect your speaking, so you have to be careful whether your speaking is weak or your vocabulary is weak.

How does pronunciation help me in learning English?

How does pronunciation help me in learning English? When learning a language if I can’t read the words I will not be able to use the word in my speech, therefore, I can’t speak it too. Pronunciation can be a basic part of any language such as Mandarin, Japanese, Thai or Korean language they do have this system. How does pronunciation help to give me confidence as I speak? As it also helps me to build up my Vocabulary (new words) to be able how to read them correctly but if I can’t construct sentences that will be will not be great as well, Grammar helps us with sentence structure. So if you are learning speaking and writing classes it might just be a format class which is not focusing on the right parts. so there 3 parts but each has its role to play in your learning. Now you have just started to understand what are the parts to learn. So my question for you is what area are you weak in? How do you know that you are weak in those areas? So what are you going to do to improve it?

Understanding the difference between learning and practising the English language

Understanding the distinction between learning and practising the English language will assist you in determining what action is required of you. If I want to know how to improve my English? Action is very important for me because without action there will be no result. Some students told me that they thought learning English is about speaking more, listening more, Writing more and reading more. True to some degree, but learning will assist you in gaining knowledge about the subject. However, practising is how you put your knowledge to use. Learning without practice is equivalent to saying without doing. Practising without learning means you won’t understand what went wrong. It’s the same as doing without thinking. You will only keep making the same mistake if you do not understand. So, as you learn, put what you’ve learned into practice. It is analogous to learning to drive. You can’t learn to drive by just thinking about it; you have to get behind the wheel and practise. So both learning n practising is equally important just which should come first.

Learning English Courses

There are numerous methods for learning English, but Learning English courses will be the most convenient. Why? Because it will assist you in being disciplined, which is a fact in humans. We make excuses for tomorrow and the next day. We are afraid of failing for a variety of reasons… Can you think of a single disadvantage of learning English that will not help you in your life? In fact, you know there are more advantages in English for you once you have achieved it. If you know the goodness of English so what is stopping you? Maybe perhaps you are concerned about your budget. No worries, you can now begin your education for as little as Rm 200 to 300 per month. Please share with us if you really wish to change your current problem in English. Contact us right away. Is very easy.


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