12 secrets on learning speaking in English 2023

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Here are the 12 secrets on learning speaking in English 2022, learning to speak English in fact is the middle stage of the process of mastering the language. We have to understand the mindset of learners from the start for beginners so that we can use our surroundings to our benefit to help and improve learning right from the beginning.

Secret #1: Right Mindset and planning to learn speaking in English step by step.

learning speaking in English step by step makes it easier to achieve your goals. So let us ask ourselves some questions first. What are the benefits of speaking English well?  Why must you achieve it? What are the things that will stop you from learning English? These questions will act as a guide for your planning. As everyone has a different reason why they want to learn English. Some are planning to be able to communicate well in English when travelling, speak fluently in public, speak English confidently at home or workplace. The list goes on. This will be your motivation and reasons for why you should start learning English. So get a notebook and start to answer the above questions first. Set your primary goal and direction first. This will always give you enough reasons to stay motivated.

Secret #2: Knowing your level of English is important.

Knowing your level of English will help you in understanding the amount of time needed to achieve your goals without any disappointment or loss in the process of achieving your goals. Having self-awareness helps you to have a good start. Measure where you are, as this can be humbling. No one wants to be weak too but knowing your weakness will help you to have the direction you need. It also stops you from wasting your time on trial and error. Which causes you not only time but also money but remember time is more valuable than money. The longer you delay, the more it is going to cost you. NO amount of MONEY can buy time so, please feel free to go through our FREE English evaluation test and get to know your level. (5min)

Secret #3: Learn from an English teacher first

Having a good teacher is one of the best tools that will help you to shorten the process with the right guideline. You might ask who is the best teacher and how to know whether they are the best. It is like finding the right person to be your husband or wife. Well, this itself is a part of the learning process as every teacher has their strength and weakness. As you learn this, you will start to move closer to your goals. 

Secret #4: Create a habit of curiosity.

Learning is a process of creating new habits, that is why most people might feel uncomfortable in a learning environment because it is new to them. This also applies to new knowledge or driving a new route to work. The same goes for a new language, there will be a learning curve. Thus, having the habit of curiosity gives you a reason to understand more and discover new meaning. It can be very exciting for every new discovery. Asking questions or making mistakes can be one of the best ways of learning English. Don’t feel negative. It is normal and we have to be just like a little child who is not afraid of making mistakes or asking questions. Habits will form around 90 days and after 90 days of having the right habit of learning you will start to enjoy this process and your direction will be clearer.

Secret #5: Practice English Speaking

Practice English Speaking with every opportunity. This means that you have to create your own opportunities as they will never drop from the sky. So how can you create this opportunity, start to find English-speaking friends! It will give you a better chance in creating an English conversation and don’t ever be shy to speak in English or to make mistakes. Remember you don’t have to be perfect at first. Slowly you will be able to speak fluently in public. Find your first audience, then move to 3 audiences, and so on. Be creative and create this opportunity to speak more in English.

Secret #6: Start reading English books

Starting to read any English Book can also be a good habit to learn new vocabulary. It does help to read aloud too, as it helps to practice English pronunciation. Another way of perfecting your pronunciation is to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as it teaches you the right way to pronounce English words instead of memorizing every word. Hence, reading an English book will help you to discover your flaws and the areas you need to improve. There is always a good reason to start having new habits.

Secret #7: Understand what grammar is and how it can help you to improve your English sentences.

What is grammar? Some may tell you it is not important but let me tell you, If grammar is not in these tips then it might not be the best tip. Grammar is one of the main keys in any language especially when your English is very weak. You will notice that you find it very difficult to create a proper sentence let alone speaking. There is no shortcut to success.

Secret #8: Learning an English course online or Offline.

There are many ways of learning a language such as learning English from youtube, from reading an English book, from practising speaking in English with friends. However, learning through an English course can speed up your process of learning as it is a 2-way learning method. It helps you to be more disciplined with your time and helps you to focus. As our mind can only do one thing at a time, it is better to be focused on your goals. If you want to improve your online learning, do search the treasure we have installed here for you.

Secret #9: Change your everyday little habits

Change your everyday little habits that you always see, do, hear, and say to include more English material and opportunity. For example, movies that you watch, your phone, or Facebook are they in English? If not, change your preference to English. This also applies to the songs that you listen to, how you greet your friend, the shop that you always go to, your colleague that you meet every day, your customer, supplier, or doctor, and many more.

Secret #10: Public Speaking in English

Fight fire with fire. Hence, fight your fear of speaking in English with public speaking as this kills your fear. Your first thought might be that this is impossible or I don’t have enough confidence. Kill these thoughts first as it will stop you from seeing what you can really achieve and become in the future. Believing in yourself is the key to confidence. Be curious, discover new experience as it will build up your confidence. Start with yourself speaking aloud first, then slowly increase your number of audience to 3, 5, 10, and so on until you are confident enough to speak in front of a large crowd.

Secret #11: Learn to be a teacher

Learn as if you are going to teach someone, then you will notice that you are willing to work harder to learn better because someone needs or depends on you. You will start to ask better questions and understand deeper. If you have practiced the above tips, this stage will not be a struggle but joy. Writing notes and revising your notes will help you to recall and apply the knowledge faster.

Secret #12: Start today to learn English

Last but not least, action speaks louder than words. With your motive and your action, it will create new motivation for yourself. Just wishing and thinking will never help you to achieve your goals. It will take forever but with the right action today you can change your tomorrow. I always believe that everyone can achieve what they want in life if they are willing to start today not tomorrow. You, yourself, decide today what is going to be your tomorrow. Let these 12 Secrets on learning speaking English 2022 lead you and help you achieve your goals easier.

Thank you for taking the time to read these 12 secrets on learning speaking in English 2022. If you have understood and have learned a lot from this please help us by sharing this with your friends. You may check out our other Mandarin post 如何学好英文. We hope this will benefit more people to stay positive during this COVID 19. Let’s build dreams again. Thank you. Stay safe, be grateful always.


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