International Phonetic Alphabets (IPA) in Spoken English Course

英语口语课程中的国际音标 (IPA)

What is International Phonetic Alphabets (IPA)? Answer: It teaches you how to pronounce the words correctly. IPA uses symbols design to help you remember the sound and guide you on how to pronounce each word. Every language has its own sound system helping you with...
Improve your online learning


Improve your online learning? First, we have to understand what are the problems you might be having. Might be you are not confident in handling the IT stuff or can’t focus when you are on the internet. Some might have both too. Online IT stuff Regarding the...
Different between see look watch

Look 和 Watch 区别

Different between See, look, watch can be confused for some people. “See” is what you notice from your eyes, for example how you see the world. “Look” is the focus on the point that need your attention at the moment. And “Watch” is...
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