英语口语课程中的国际音标 (IPA)

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什么是国际音标 (IPA)?

答:它教你如何正确发音。 IPA 使用符号设计来帮助您记住声音并指导您如何发音每个单词。 每种语言都有自己的声音系统,可帮助您掌握如何阅读单词的基本技能。

英语口语课程中的国际音标 (IPA) 英语口语课程?

Because it trains one to read first. Reading is an important part of spoken English but not many Malaysia Schools are teaching it. That is why we need to educate it.

The International Phonetic alphabet help students to improve their speaking skill faster because they don’t have to memorize each and every word, thanks to the Phonetic’s visual method of remembering the sound. It does take some training to remember all the Phonetic and be able to use them when you need them.

Where can you find or see them? Mostly they can be found in the Dictionary or google translate learning this does help you to save time on learning new words cause listening to sounds is much hard to remember as you might forget within as fast as 5 sec, therefore it is designed for your visual to help you remember it faster and last longer impression.

So now, what does it help you achieve? It will help boost your confidence as you speak well also it will create a better impression of yourself, and increase your opportunity at work or in life.

首先 – 通过 IPA,学生将能够缓慢而正确地发音

Secondly – Use Symbols to represent the sounds makes it easier to remember and teach too.


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