What is Victim Mindset?

Aug 1, 2022Mindset0 comments

What is a victim mindset?

A victim mindset is a negative mindset that creates by a person himself or herself feeling on the negative side of every situation and people who never claim their responsibility for every event that happens to their life. High self-defence, quick with reasons and excuses.

Therefore, he or she lose the power to control in his or her life without knowing or believing in oneself has the ability to change things or the future. Losing their ability to focus on the solution but focus on the problem instead. 

What is the life of victim mindset?

The victim mindset never has breakdowns but just problems. Life is dramatic and predictable. They move through life one inch at a time. There is no joy, satisfaction or power. There are only moments of feeling good, which are temporary and externally only. Taking fewer n fewer risks, feeling content just to get through another day without being a really big victim. The victim is not the source of his/her life. Being the victim is not satisfying but it is comfortable n familiar. By removing the responsibility from their life and consciously seeking validation and help from others make them feel good and will not be blamed by others.

What causes a victim mindset?

People who have a victim mindset have usually suffered through trauma, hard times, betrayal and abuse, but haven’t developed a proper way to cope. As a result, they develop a negative view of life. Because they don’t think anything is their fault, they have little or no sense of responsibility for their life. 

What are the signs of a victim mindset?

  • Bad things that happen will always repeat itself
  • Always is someone fault that causes bad things to happen.
  • Anything that you do will always fail. So why do it…
  • self – sabotage, at least I tried but failed.
  • Give reasons or excuses, not to take responsibility or blame someone else.
  • I deserve the bad things that happen to me.
  • No one care or notice me.
  • Feel jealous or hurt when others seem happy or successful.
  • Feel alone and no one will help.

How can a Victim mentality affect learning?

Learning is a testing ground for everyone. Creating new systems n discovering new ways to improve ourselves. If we keep giving reasons and excuses and victim mindset, we will never have a chance to explore more of ourselves such as to wait for the best time, right moment or the best price which none of these are the right reasons to grow ourselves. So let alone having goal or achievement in life. Creating a system to grow ourselves will help us to be successful in many areas of our life n relationships. Be joy and an exciting journey of discovery. 


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